Michael Levin and Abnormal Homosexuality

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Homosexuality is a sensitive topic and often avoided in conversation. For centuries the human race has oppressed and persecuted others strictly because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. Although it is disturbing to most of us, these actions still occur in our society today, as many believe that homosexuality is abnormal and disgraceful. One supporter of this belief is Michael Levin, who strongly believes that homosexuality is highly abnormal and thus, undesirable. Although his beliefs and theories supporting this claim are subjective, there is evidence that can support his stance on this topic; we will analyze this claim in further detail and how it relates to his other views mentioned in this essay.
Initially, Levin states that homosexuality is abnormal due to the mere fact that it weakens our society and inhibits our evolutionary development, not because it is sinful or immoral. He explains that being homosexual is a waste of bodily parts and a misuse of our genitalia. As a result, Levin argues that our body parts and bodily pleasures are highly related and connected to our happiness. Because homosexuals are misusing their bodies, they are more likely to be less happy on average than those who are straight. And in return, Levin believes that because they are less happy throughout their lives, they receive less out of life than the typical straight person. His theory as to why homosexuality is abnormal (because of humans misusing their body parts) may propose a weak argument at first; however he supports this aspect of his argument by giving an example unrelated to human sexuality. His example involves the use of our teeth, although we may not realize it, those who do not have teeth usually don’t enjoy consuming all of their ...

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...constant with his view on these other topics, and personally I believe he wants to discourage others from being gay.
I am curious to know whether or not he Levin would accept one of his own family members if he found out they were gay; and I’m also wondering how he would respond to this and be as equally harsh as he is with the public as he is with the homosexual population in general. I’m curious to know if he would discourage his own family member from being gay, from applying to jobs, and from marrying someone he loves. If so he would most likely discourage them from adopting as well. The situation is completely different when it relates to a family member/friend. It becomes much more personal, and as a result if this were to occur Levin would most likely not have released a substantial amount of his views and beliefs on homosexuals as he does in this essay.
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