Wayne Douglas Gretzky: The Greatest Hockey Legend

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“THERE IT IS HIS 894th GOAL” (Announcer). This amazing hockey legend also known as “The Great One” upon his retirement on April 18, 1999 Wayne Douglas Gretzky held/shared 61 National Hockey League records. These records include 40 regular season, 15 playoff, and 6 All-star records. These extravagant statistics just shows you how he got his name. Today I’m going to go through the process as to how this legend got so great. First we can begin with the early years of this legend. In the wonderful place of Brantford, Ontario, Canada a legend was born on January 26, 1961. Wayne was the oldest in his family, being born first having four other siblings. Wayne wasn’t the biggest human being around that’s why his father was discouraged. His father still had hope in Wayne becoming a hockey player. The first time Gretzky ever received his first pair of skates he was only three years old. Gretzky always was fascinated about skating. Gretzky skated at many places, mostly on the weekends these places including the Ninth River and at public rinks. Wayne’s father admired Wayne’s affection for skatin...

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