Personal Narrative: My Final Hockey Victory

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Personal Narrative: My Final Hockey Victory

Friday night rolled around, it was the game we had all been working so hard for. Knowing we were seniors, we knew it would be the end of the journey.

The team was ready, we had been working extremely hard for the past seven months for this. We were all in great shape and very rested. A few of the returning players were meeting me at my house to carpool to the final game of the state championship tournament. Everyone knew that the hard work had paid off when we won the semi-final game the preceding day.

The time on the clock was 4:30 when the doorbell rang, fifteen minutes early. My three teamates were extremely anxious to get to the Center. I opened the front door and to my surprise the whole team was outside in their cars. They were all spiffed up in their shirts and ties, determined to win the game. As I threw my equipment in my friends car I was hoping that the next time I put it in there I would have a championship medal hanging around my neck.

The caravan of about eight cars pulled away blaring the music of Van Halen and Metallica. I have never seen such a pumped up group of young men until then. My stomach was kind of queasy because of the great deal of nervousness that had come upon me. The team and I were cruising on highway forty heading away from the beautiful sunset that was occurring behind us.

As we pulled into the parking garage for the players, I could feel the little tiny hair on the back of my neck stand up. The tension was great we knew the great challenge we were about to encounter. The garage gave me a feeling like I was some kind of celebrity that everyone wants to be. We unloaded our equipment out of the car and headed toward the locke...

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...slapshot from the point. Two minutes later the puck broke loose from one of the other team's defensman and landed on our most talented player’s stick. He is not only as fast as lightning but can also stick handle around any NHL team blindfolded. He made a quick move to the left, and then to the right. He took the shot which went top shelf on the right side. The second I saw the net move I knew we had done it. The underdog team defeated the 1st ranked team in the state championship game for Missouri high school hockey. An uproar from the mob of people could have been heard from two miles away. I couldn’t believe we had done it. We beat the odds, and took the cup. I felt shivers travel down my bruised and cut body. The hard work did pay off, for we had done it. The tears were flowing like the water dropping from the Niagara Falls. We were State Champions.
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