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Football is said to have originated from the Han Dynasty in China, from around two or three B.C. Although there is no specific creator of Football, there is evidence that the Chinese ‘dribbled’ balls made of various different animal skins filled with light-weight materials. After dribbling the ball, they were to kick the ball into a small net. Along with being a leisure activity for the ancient Chinese, evidence has been found that they also used it for training their vast army, the only difference in the training was the height of the nets. The balls were to be kicked into a net that was thirty feet or higher off the ground in order to make the Chinese army ready to move and also to make them stronger in the legs. Since the Chinese played ‘Football’ there have been many advancements in the game around the world and the rules have also changed greatly.

The new rules to Football are much stricter than they used to be. Some rules that have changed include changes to the Red and Yellow cards, usage of a fourth referee, changing of the ball and cleats, prohibition of physical violence during games, and specific rules and regulations. Before, many people did not play Football with rules, they just played for fun, therefore the invention of the Red and Yellow card greatly advanced the competitive aspect of Football. Along with this, people did not always use the balls and cleats that we’ve used today, they used animal skins stuffed with light-weight materials and regular shoes. Now, professional Football players are required to wear specific kinds of cleats and are required to use footballs that are a certain size and meet the standard requirements. Since many people used to play for fun, there was much violence when it came to who ...

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...oke multiple records. He helped to win the UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament in both 2004 and 2012, and the UEFA Team of the Year not once, not twice, but six times in the years 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Some of his broken records included being the first player in the history of El Clasico to score in six straight games, the only player to have won the European Golden Shoe in two different leagues, the first top European league player to reach 40 goals in a single season in two consecutive years, the first player to score against every team in La Liga, the most hat-tricks in a single season for Real Madrid, seven, the most matches played in World Cup finals, 11 matches, Portugal all-time top scorer, 49 goals, and there are over thirty-five other records that he has broken.

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