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The War of the Roses was a civil war consisting of a series of battles that were fought between two noble English families, the Lancasters and the Yorks, between 145* and 1471. These battles were coined “Wars of the Roses” after the emblems of the two families, both roses, the Lancasters being a red rose and Yorks a white rose. The Lancasters and the Yorks were two sides of the same coin, two different branches of the House of Plantagenet, a long reigning dynasty in English History. The War of the Roses followed right on the heels of the Hundred Years’ War. England was in a shakey state, with discontent brewing in the royal courts and under the rule of a king who was sinking into insanity. At this point in time, the Houses of Lancaster and York were at the helm of the monarchy, because as the Lancastrian King Henry VI slipped into another fit of madness, Richard Duke of York was appointed the Protector of England in his place in March of 1454. However, once the King had regained his sanity, he promptly ousted York as Protector and his predecessor, the Duke of Somerset, was reinstated to the role. Upon his dismissal, York gathered an army and so began the first of the battles of the War of the Roses. The first battle fought in the Wars of the Roses was the First Battle at St Albans. After King Henry VI recovered from his fit, and Richard of York was dismissed as protectorate, King Henry VI assembled a new council that was not only filled with men who supported the House of Lancaster, but was noticeably missing any York blood. York’s newly assembled army marched to the town of St. Albans, where it met the Lancastrian front lines. This first battle proved to be very sloppy, with seemingly no real planning on either side of the ba... ... middle of paper ... ...ck’s flank, leading to the surrender and retreat of the Lancastrian army. Margaret sailed back from France, HOW DID MAGS GET TO FRANCE with an army, intending to surprise Edward IV and reclaim her family’s right to the throne. However, Edward learned of her plans a mere two days after her arrival on the English shore. He led out an army to intercept her and prevent her passage into Wales. The Battle of Tewkesbury was fought in May of 1471 and was the last and ultimate battle in the Wars of the Roses. With Somerset in command of the Lancastrian Army, Edward and Gloucester surrounded the red forces and broke Prince Edward’s lines. The young prince was killed in the battle, ending the Lancastrian direct line, and ending the war. The Yorks would then rule England for another 14 years. TALK ABOUT RICHARD THE FUCKED AND THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER TALK ABOUT HENRY THE 7TH

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