Wallace's Writing Style

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174 words

Although working on this new style of writing was quite fascinating, it was the most difficult challenging essay I've ever written. Before even I started the essay, I had spent so much time trying to fully grasp Wallace's writing styles. Furthermore, it was difficult for me to choose a subject to dig deeply and debate about because I had to imitate Wallace's writing style and he wouldn't choose a subject that I would normally choose. While I was researching his biography to get a better idea of him, I found something interesting fact in his life; he committed suicide by hanging himself in 2008 because of bipolar disorder. Due to the fact that the last book I read was "the old man and the sea," written by Ernest Hemmingway and he also committed

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they had to imitate wallace's writing style and choose a subject to debate about. he committed suicide in 2008 due to bipolar disorder.

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