David Foster Wallace in Doubletakes

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David Foster Wallace in Doubletakes The one author whose style I could appreciate most and who I could connect with best in “Doubletakes” was David Foster Wallace. His ability to capture one moment that most people would normally take for granted and to freeze this moment like it is occurring in slow motion, taking into account all five human senses (touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing), color imagery, similes, metaphors and all of his unique description of the scenes surrounding the actions of the main character really make him stand out in my mind. By taking an event so seemingly trivial (for example the act of climbing up and jumping off of a diving board in Forever Overhead), Wallace forces his readers to appreciate all aspects of life, especially the minor details. This is what appeals most to me about Wallace because I too like to point out small, seemingly insignificant events in my writing and put them under a microscope so to force the reader to think more seriously about mundane actions. Wallace’s characterization is fairly simple on the surface, as he seems to ...

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