Walking on the Canopy Bridge

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"People can accompany you to the bridge…But you walk that bridge alone” (-African Proverb)
Reading this quote made me think about my Kakum National Park experience. I had different elements of my own bridge-crossing. One thing I learnt from this experience is that it doesn’t matter who comes with you or who helps you once you cross, in the long run, you will walk that bridge alone .
Ghana on its own is a culturally diverse nation. For most of us, Accra is all we know about Ghana. We are clueless about what lies beyond the borders of Greater Accra Region and we are oddly incurious about it. This country is built with the beauty of nature. It possesses abundant natural resources that unfortunately people don’t take the initiative to appreciate. The Central part of Ghana has one of the most beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions ranging from castles to forts, beaches to parks, and so forth. Last year, I visited to Kakum National Park, located in the coastal environs of the Central Region. The park is 350 metres long and connects seven tree tops which provide access to the forest. GoTravelGhana stated, “The canopy walkway is about 360 meter in length and 40 meter high above the ground. It has six wooden platforms where you can stop and observe the authentic moist evergreen rainforest.”
In Ghana, the State Department of Wildlife is responsible for Wildlife preservation in Ghana. Kakum National Park comes with its uniqueness. One of its uniqueness lies at the fact that this park was established at the initiative of the local people and not by the State Department of Wildlife. As a Ghanaian, I am most intrigued about this. I believe that it is vital for a community if the local people stand independently and build it. It’ll be for...

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...w. I was smiling within. I saw lizards sprinting around and stopping every second to do their push-ups; I heard noises in the bush around us, which sounded like tweets from birds or what if they were crickets? Hhmmm nevertheless, I was on land and I was smiling no stop. After everyone was done, we all made our way back to the park. Before the bus took off, we got a couple of drinks and snacks to cool down our temperatures. Considering we had been in the heat for almost an hour, the least they could do was to let us entertain our throat a bit. Truth be told, my throat was so dry. I got myself a cool soft drink, dropped my bag on the floor, sat down on a wooden chair as I enjoyed the pleasant peaceful atmosphere with my chilled drink.

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