Waist Deep: A Fictional Narrative

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"Your roommate silly!" He sassily said.

"My roommate?.." I replied.

"Yeah, you thought you were going to have this room all by yourself? Pssh.Yeah right." He rolled his eyes. Rude much?

"But I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Louis. Louis the Tomlinson!" He stood up and posed, with his hands on his hips and legs wide apart

. I rolled my eyes. Great, this is my roommate. I was really hoping for a quite non-talkative person. Guess I not getting that. I don't always get what I want.. But something about him made me want to be his friend. Who knows.

"Well, um.. I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik." I mumbled. Curse my shyness.

He grinned even wider and rushed up to me to give me a hug. I tensed up but then quickly relaxed. I'm not used to all of this. This is too much, I need to go sit down. I maneuvered my way to my slightly wrinkled bed, that had a slight visible shape of two butt cheeks on it. I was trying to fix the markings on my bed and then he spoke up.

"I can't wait to show you to the others! We're going to have are own little clique." He exclaimed while clapping his hands.

I inwardly groaned. Great, more people like him?

"Of course not! I'm too fabulouis."

Oops. Guess I said that out loud.

A moment later I heard an unfamiliar ringtone, by instinct I looked over at my phone that was just chilling on top of my pillow.

"Sassmaster Tomo here!" I flinched when I heard his sudden outburst. Jeez, does this guy ever speak at a normal volume?

"Niall?..Niall?..NIALL! Don't speak to me with your mouth full, peasant. Do you know who I--. Liam! Yes remove that vile creature away from the cellular device...Is he laughing? NIAAAlLL!"

I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. I guess Louis heard me because he turned and looked at me wi...

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...'m happy. But sometimes, I just wish I could have a brother who I can mess around with once in a while.

"Zayn? Zayn, you okay mate?" I looked up to see three concerned faces looking at me. Damn, I dazed out a bit. I do that alot.

"Yeah, yeah." I looked around the room not making eye contact. I saw an Xbox 360, and it had 4 different controllers.

"What type of games do you have?" I asked curiously, anything to make the tense atmosphere change. Niall's face lightned up quickly. He quickly rushed to the drawer next to the telivision and pulled out a game.

"Let's play Fifa 14!" He exclaimed while putting the disc in the dock, not really giving anybody much of a choice. We all gathered on the floor and connected our controllers.

"Let the games begin!" Louis shouted. Liam groaned and Niall just laughed. Me, I just sat there.

2 hours later

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