Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

Good Essays
Throughout the years in middle school and high school I 've had to write many essays. Every time I walked into class and on the board it said "Essay" the anxiety attacked. Writing essays was never my favorite thing to do and im pretty sure many people feel the same way. My last teacher said he liked the creativity I had in my writing the only thing missing was knowing how to writing correctly. No writer is born knowing how to write perfectly they all had to learn and that’s what I 'm doing except what they learned stuck to them. The obvious strength I have in writing is that it isn 't math. But being serious now two good strengths in writing that I have are creativity and the energy to want to write. The one weakness that hopefully is common is that I just don’t know how to put all of this together. My strengths and weaknesses make want to become a better writer hopefully this class will help. I 've never been a good writer but then again not everyone is, my strengths push me and weaknesses pull me back but only with practice and help will the weaknesses be vanished.
Being able to know what to write but not know how to piece it together is a huge weakness. It doesn’t sound like a huge problem but it 's more complex than it sounds. When I get an essay prompt and it 's time to type I know what I 'm going to writing about and how it
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Once I got a F on an essay I felt sad and said I 'll never try again.Then for some reason I decided to keep writing and got a B on it which made me feel good because if I didn’t have the will to keep writing my grade would be a disaster. I feel that having a good imagination pushes me to want to keep writing because the more I imagine the more I want to write it down. Having the energy to write is a great strength in my opinion because many people love to slack off and leave the work for last. It 's always better to get it done early so you have more time to look over it
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