Vygotsky And Jean Piaget's Perspective On Cognitive Development

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Cognitive development is a study in neuroscience and psychology which focuses on child development, this theory was proposed by Jean Piaget who was a major force in the establishment of this field, cognitive development is mainly based on the development of the ability to think and understand. According to (Health, 2017) this theory is based on the structure of thought processes such as knowing how to solve problems, decision making and remembering things and these thought processes are from childhood even through to adulthood. This theory had lead Piaget to become intrigued to why children give the wrong answers to the questions which is required for logical thinking. According to simply Psychology (2017), Jean Piaget had suggested that the …show more content…

Vygotsky and Bruner had questioned if the theory was even real, they both did not want to discuss the development stages but however believed that development was a continuous process. Jean Piaget had mainly concentrated on the universal stages of cognitive development but did not mention the effects of a child’s social settings and cultural influences can have on cognitive development of the child. Vygotsky argued that social interaction is important for cognitive development to occur due to social interaction being able to provide language opportunities as it is the foundation of thought. Piaget did his own observations on children, when he was doing this he wrote diary descriptions on how these children were developing. Due to these observations being done on his own, the data which he collected is of his own interpretation of his own children hence why this is biased, and this theory also lacks scientific control. If he had conducted the research with another researcher it would be more reliable as they could both see if they have the same results and, he did not continue to study the children throughout their lifespan. Furthermore, Vygotsky and Bruner (996) had believed that the concept of schema is mismatched with their theories. This is due to the schema theory not being able to be directly measured due to it being an internal process and the initial idea of development was explained but he never explained

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