Visit To A Hospital Waiting Room

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For my visitation research report, I visited the Greater El Monte Community Hospital emergency waiting room located in the city of El Monte. It would have been a one of a kind experience to actually go inside the hospital’s emergency room where the patients are receiving medical treatment and observe their conditions; however nurses from this hospital told me that obtaining a guest pass was out of the question. For the sake and education purpose of the visitation report, I chose to conduct my research observations at this location for the reason that I drive by this hospital on a daily basis on my way to work but never really had the chance to do so. I stayed at the hospital for about two hours and made observations based on people entering the emergency waiting room that were either critically ill or injured, for my report I will discuss about how the emergency room process works as well as what I learned from the …show more content…

Since this was my first time visiting a hospital for educational purposes, I felt it was worth my time going inside a hospital and observe real events that are actually happening. I would need to admit before arriving to the Greater El Monte Community Hospital emergency room, I was unsure of whether I should have chosen a convalescent home or a local health club but a hospital has a group of doctors and nurses working together to treat patients and save lives. It is no doubt that the jobs of doctors and nurses aren’t easy but they are trained to use a lot of their efforts and resources to get the patients conditions back in control. I believe visiting the Greater El Monte Community Hospital would provide me with the information I needed to acquire for my research

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