Violent Video Games

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The Dangers of Violent Video Games
Today, video games have become very popular. The first video game was created in the year 1958; it was a video game of table tennis. One of the most popular video game categories is violent video games. This has become very popular by many teens specifically teen boys. There are many cons about violent video games and one should be aware of them before he or she buys or plays a violent video game. Violent video games can have a dangerous effect on children especially because children learn by repetition and the violence can affect the child’s learning process, video games are bad for one’s health, and many children do not know what is actually in the real world and what is in the world of video games, which can conclude that children are becoming desensitized by video games.
Opponents argue that violent video games are not at all that bad for a person, the opponents believe that violent video games provide many great mind training tools. Some examples of pros for violent video games that they argue are the repetition of playing video games trains one’s mind to be acting as if the person was actually in a combat or military scene, which is going to increase the United States’ military and make children react better in tough situations (Shapiro 1). This is an advantage of violent video games because it helps parts of the human brain develop and become more aware of military actions (Shapiro 1). Another example of a pro for violent video games is playing violent video games can be good for one’s health because it helps children use the child’s neural resources more efficiently (Shapiro 1). This is a tremendous pro for violent video games because if a child can learn how to use his or her n...

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... mental health. Violent video games can have a very negative effective role on a child’s life because children learn from repetition which in this case the violence can have a negative toll upon the child, they take a damaging effect upon one’s health, and many children are unsure of the effect of what he or she could do if the child brought what he or she was doing in the video game to real life. All in all this is a very important issue upon the society today, because many teens are playing a violent video game right now, and who knows whether the child will take a negative affect out of it and start a school shooting like Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold. Make a difference and be against violent video games because who knows where the next school shooting will occur, and who will be influenced by violent video games and commit the deadly crime!
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