Violence Against Women in South Africa

Located in the developing country, the Dominican Republic; the United Nations International Research and Training institute for the Advancement of Women (UN-INSTRAW), created by the United Nations in 1976 via recommendation of the First World Conference of Women. INSTRAW is an inter-governmental organization (IGO) whose mission is:

“devoted to research, training and knowledge management in partnership

with governments, the United Nations System, civil society and academia

to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

INSTRAW accomplishes their mission by undertaking action-oriented research from a gender perspective that has a concrete impact on policies, programs and projects. Research done by INSTRAW includes tracking women’s migration, studying the women’s role in the government, and looking at gender dimensions, such as availability to: water, food, credit, health, education, and work. Also, INSTRAW looks at the security of women against violence.

With the research INSTRAW strengthens the capacities of key stake holders to integrate gender perspectives in polices, programs and projects. INSTRAW teams up with governmental organizations, such as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Japan Official Development Assistance. Together these organizations help create policies and programs to stop violence against women in South Africa.

Some things INSTRAW can do are create education and training programs for the people and for the government of South Africa. South Africa can help INSTRAW by allowing the programs to be heard by the people of the government.

Issue: Violence against Women in South Africa

Violence against women in Africa comes in several forms the most common are: rape, “honor Killin...

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