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As stated above, there are various actors in the international community. These actors include intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations who help shape the foundation and creation of human rights. IGOs and NGOs listen to the international community to monitor and protect their human rights. According to the textbook, nongovernmental organization have been especially vocal and effective in the international system when it comes to human rights. NGOs groups that have a great impact on human rights through specific groups like Amnesty International, and the Human Rights Watch. IGOs and NGOs make the public aware of human rights issues, put pressure on good and bad states to confront issues, and lobby international organizations. As stated…show more content…
The United Nations, a major IGO, has been actively involved in setting the standards of human rights. These two organizations and the different groups within them are an important part of the human rights concept in international relations especially for women and children. This is because women and children are a groups that are marginalized and silenced. Women’s rights are a concept that been a topic for decades and some countries have maximized rights for women but there are still many countries where women are looked down upon. Groups that help fight for women rights include groups like the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, and again, Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch. These groups fight for Women Rights and bring violations of these rights out into the public so they can be seen and confronted. There are also many NGOs that were created to fight against the human trafficking of women and children (they are the biggest targets of trafficking). The international community has many actors who fight for human rights, especially those for women and…show more content…
A long time ago the way individuals were treated within a state was the states responsibility and it didn’t matter to any other states. Nowadays, what happens in different states is heard throughout the globe and is watched very carefully. This is because discrimination and negative actions against a specific group of people or individuals by state authorities is strongly looked down upon by the international community. Though human rights is an important issue many different organizations and religions have come up with their own ideas/concepts on what human rights is and means. For example, one idea of human rights can be seen through John Locke and liberal political theorists; this idea suggests that individuals in the international system are equal and their natural rights take priority over international and national law. These natural rights consist of political and civil rights like freedom of speech, religion, and that everyone deserves protection. These rights according to the liberal perspective are known as first-generation rights. There are two other basic types of human rights and they include second and third generation human rights. Second-generation human rights can also be known as socioeconomic human rights. The concept of second-generation human rights is a product of the radicalism and socialism. According to radicals, the state should provide social and economic rights for individuals

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