Vinci Code Reflection

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The person Mary Magdalene takes a very interesting role in the movie The Da Vinci Code. The whole point of the movie is to find the Holy Grail. However, the standpoint that this movie takes is that the Holy Grail is not a chalice of some sort, but rather is the womb of a woman, more specifically, the womb of Mary Magdalene. The reasons for the movie presenting this view are many. The movie sites several gospel stories that are in the Gospel of Peter and the Gospel of Mary, but are not actually in the Bible itself. In these two gospels, it says that Mary was the “companion” of Jesus and the literal meaning of the word “companion” at this time meant a spouse. The movie also puts out the idea that Mary Magdalene was actually in the painting of…show more content…
I think that most of the gear I have lost has maybe not been lost in the sense that nothing of its sort is in my life anymore, but rather it has been transformed into something else. Ignorance has been made into knowledge. Naivety has been made into wisdom. I think that throughout this year, I have learned how to handle stress and time where before these were some things that I struggled with. I learned that college is not a time to invest in my future with just academics, so this idea was tossed aside. Rather, college is a time to invest in my future, but through a plethora of means, in which my academics is contained. Along with that, I realized that building relationships and building myself are just as important. A side lesson that I learned that stems from building myself and relationships is to be more open-minded. This year, I have felt challenged to expand my mind intellectually, emotionally, morally, and philosophically. Where once I was unwilling to go, I am now liberated and feel no barrier in my way. I feel as though experiences such as the trip to Temple Israel were chalices through which my expanded mind has been served. Now looking back, I see that I can have a more grand aspect on different topics that have stumped me before. I also see that I am not alone in this journey to find answers to questions and meaning to actions. I am among a throng of peers that I may trampoline off of into enlightenment and once one of us has reached that place, then we may haul the rest up as
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