Vietnam Analysis: Analysis Of Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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Vietnam Analysis The Vietnam War was the longest and most expensive war in the American History and it was the most unpopular war among the 20th century. This war had about 60,000 deaths of Americans and around 2 millions deaths amongst the Vietnamese. So, Why were we even there? Was this war necessary? Or was it some sort of heroic cause in attempt to save the South Vietnamese from a totalitarian government? From 1945 and 1954, the Vietnamese had paid for an anti-colonial war against France, which in return, received a staggering amount of $2.6 billion for some financial support gifted by the United States. When the French had defeated at the Dien Bien Phu, it was then followed by a peace conference held in Geneva. In result of this…show more content…
When one is fighting for a country 's freedom, and all of the citizens from that country cannot support the efforts, it becomes very obvious that a war is to be expected. The South Vietnamese didn’t like that the U.S. soldiers were in their country, and on a daily basis there were thousands of South Vietnamese that ended up joining the Viet Cong. With that, trust was something that had became an extremely big issue among the American soldiers, and with this there had become a ton of confusion and the soldiers ha no idea whom they were supposed to shoot and whom they were supposed to…show more content…
There were over 2 million Americans that had served in Vietnam, and only 500,000 of those soldiers actually saw the battlefront. There were 47,244 that were killed in the war, and this was including 8000 of those casualties being airmen, and then there were 10,446 deaths that were non-combat. 153,329 of the soldiers were extremely injured, and this was including 10,000 amputees. And lastly there were over 2400 American Prisoners of war and MIAs that were unaccounted for by 1973. Military wise, I would have to say that the United States lost the Vietnam War with the fall of the South Vietnamese Government in 1975. The opposition in the US had toughened with the Winter Soldier Investigations (Mai Lai) and persecution of the war after the loss of Saigon was untenable without recourse to the nuclear option. Now to argue whether America was "at war" with a country it didn 't recognize, or whether it was there purely in an advisory/assistance capacity to a legitimate government is really just semantics. It was vey evident that the country was at war, and the war was lost since its mission was to follow the Truman Doctrine on curtailing the spread of Communism in Asia, and that was not able to be

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