Video Games and Violence

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Video Games and Violence Awe entering in more advanced society of technology, video games has become a popular source of entertainment among us. Almost all of us has rented or owned a video game and we have spent hours playing it. As we all know, video games have become the second most popular form of entertainment after television; the source of entertainment is proven to be violent. Excessive playing of video games has a huge impact on our life as well as young adults with hostile feelings, aggressive thoughts, and confusion between the real and unreal world. Today, many of us have become addicted to video games but the researches on video games prove that those who play violent games are aggressive in nature and scientific researches have proven that children who play violent games have more heart beat rate, nausea, dizziness and insomnia than those who play non-violent games. Children drag themselves into the games and develop a virtual world in their minds and think themselves as the characters of the game. They struggle with different situations in the game as if they were real ones spending hours into such activity where you have to defend yourself leads to changed behavior. A child learns more with what he sees others doing. A child who is always in the world of video games is naturally expected to learn more from the virtual environment of the video games than the real environment. Although the real and virtual violence are different, they tend to be the same while you are playing a video game or watching a movie, and the effect still remains while you are not watching or playing it. Although the activities in video games are not real, it has the capacity to influ... ... middle of paper ... ...ogy. It creates aggressiveness and hostile feelings in young adults, which leads to mental and physical illness. The adults should realize the fact that video games are only a source of entertainment. Video games do not help children in building the strategy and problem-solving skills. Choosing the right game for their children according to their age is an important step that parents should consider while buying video games. They must be more alert about the effects of video games on developing children and should guide their children in a proper path. To let the children grow healthy habits, one can better opt for other physical games which are both healthy and entertaining than video games. Works Cited Anderson, Craig, and Karen Dill. "Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in the Laboratory and in Life." 78. (2000): 16. Web. 23 Nov 2009.

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