Video Games Argumentative Essay

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Since their creation in 1972, video games have come a long way in our life. Originally invented for a science experiment purpose, Pong a black and white game, the video games industry turned into a bustling business thanks to technologies improvements. There is a growing body of opinion suggesting that video games improve violence within teenagers and antisocial behaviours.
Therefore, scientific focused on the impacts of videogames on people. Scientists mainly focused on physical and psychological effects of video games on the subjects such as aggressiveness (Bartholow&Anderson,2002, Wallenius, 2008) or ability of taking decisions (Andrews & Murphy, 2006, Kim and al., 2008). Two factors that are surprisingly correlated. However, few researches
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Actually, the average international gamer age is 29 years old (Rosser Jr. et al., 2007). Whilst, only one player out of five is below 18 years old.
It proves that video games are steadily becoming more tolerated among the society and more entertaining for adults which makes way for a new type of family interaction.

To conclude, video games occupy a noticeable part of today’s society. While it offers many social, academic and also professional benefits, the controversial drawbacks are certain.
First students score higher marks when video games are applied to education, since it makes it more interesting and interactive while improving their cognitive abilities. Moreover, it allows individuals with shy personalities to exercise at home preventing them from disturbing looks at the gym or just to win time. Furthermore, it allows people to build strong based relationships that couldn’t have been made possible in real life interactions. But also it permits to strengthen the bonds with family and friends.
Although, it is undeniable that some types of video games can promote violent behaviours among teenagers. However, it then falls to the parents’ responsibility to filter which games are not suitable for their children to
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