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Are Video Games a Form of Art? What is Art? If you ask a hundred people you may get a hundred different responses, especially if you decide to question a wide range of people. Art is described differently throughout different generations, cultures, and societies. The younger generation may recognize rap music as an art while the older may one label rap as a bunch of noise. The citizens of Spain call the sport of bull fighting a form of art, while some in the United States label it as animal cruelty. It is hard to define art is because art is extremely personal, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Recently there has been a great deal of discussion whether video games should be considered an art form. The dictionary defines Art as; something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that it expresses important ideas and feelings; the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. After researching video games in detail it is clear that they are a form of Art, in the real sense of the word, and also in a growing portion of the public’s opinion. Steve Russell created the first video game, called Spacewar, in 1962 as a college student (Croce 3). Today, video games are quickly becoming recognized as a form of entertainment and Art in our society. Video games have become a massive industry in a relatively short period of time. During the last year video games sales reached over $18 billion dollars in sales. The industry generated more revenue, than movies, books, or even music sales. In the United States alone, over 45% of families own video game systems. In June of 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that video games should be considered a form of art gi... ... middle of paper ... ... from the viewer while showing them a whole new world with an amazing aesthetic experience. The dictionary defines art as a conscious use of skill and creative imagination to create something beautiful. Creativity is at the center of each new game, and there is no shortage of beautiful images to behold whilst playing them. Like films and music, video games have also joined the ranks or art and should remain there despite any critics. Stunning visuals and effects come together to create a piece of art, which can be appreciated through active participation from players. Bits and bytes are painstakingly manufactured to give birth to an experience worthy of the title art. Just like art, video games set out to tell a story and exercise the mind of the observer. The research I have done has led me to conclude that video games are in fact a fascinating form of art.
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