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From Mark Twain to Vincent van Gogh, each genre of art comes with its greatest master. There are many compelling arguments to why this specific artist, musician or writer is the best in their category. In modern days, we don’t have a Mozart, or a Hemingway or even an Andy Warhol. There are many good artists of their own kind and many more are emerging thanks to new technology and new forms of media art. However, many arguments are made as to why these forms of art aren’t considered true forms of art. A few years back and even today, many argue that digital paintings aren’t real art so it is not surprising when people don’t think of a video game as an art form, but it is. The world is at constant change and so is art.
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I’ve been a short Italian plumber who goes through endless trials in the search and rescue of his love, I have been a Lady of Luminosity who with her light-based magic defends her city of Demacia against the hostile Noxian forces and their allies. I have even been Batman, where I struggled through psychedelic educing trials. It all means something; it is very real when the player becomes attached to a character as one does in a traditional written format. Roger Ebert would argue that these kinds of experiences aren’t real or don’t mean anything. In a published post done by him and the Chicago Sun-Times blog, he argues that “Video games can never be art”. Robert Ebert claims video games don’t fulfill his definition of art. Because video games have objectives and can be “won” it doesn’t align with the traditional forms of art, such as novels, or a play; “things you cannot win; only experience them.” Ebert also said “art grows better the more it improves or alters nature through a passage through what we might call the artist’s soul, or…show more content…
The Walking dead released a video game, who’s model is of a visual novel. In this game your character interacts with other characters as in most games. The main difference being that the way you interact, your actions, everything you do has a consequence and a different path to alternate endings can be taken. The story plot grew, and without any spoilers my heart was ripped out of my chest in the ending where I “won”. Art produces emotional power to its audience. Gamers are the audience and they can be inspired to feel frustration, rage, moral ambiguity, love, guilt and

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