Video Game Advances

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As the years go by, technology has been advancing in all sorts of ways. From thinner, light and sharper image televisions to voice activated devices. These advances in technology have been more common in the video game industry. From year to year, big companies such as; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have been competing to see who has the best video game console in the market. I won’t be talking about how these three companies have improved each of their consoles as the years go by and how one is better than the other. I will simply be explaining how Microsoft’s three generation consoles have brought to our homes and how much they have improved within the past twelve years of their existence in the video game industry. The original Xbox was Microsoft’s first video game console which was released in the United States on November 15th, 2001. It brought new features such as its integrated service known as “Xbox Live” that allowed players all around the world to play video games online, broadband support, which allowed you to download additional game content, system linking, breakaway cables, and its ability to store media to its integrated hard drive (Dyer). The Original Xbox came with a ten gigabyte hard drive used for the storage of additional game content, game saves and media for in-game custom soundtracks. It was the first console in its generation to include an integrated hard drive. In included an Intel based processor of 733MHz which made it the most powerful central processing unit for a game console at the time of launch. Microsoft and nVidia developed the X-Chip, the graphics processing unit of the console which had the clock speed of 233MHz and delivered more than three times the graphics of its competitors the PlayStat... ... middle of paper ... .... Hicks, John. OXM - The Xbox One: 33 Things you need to know. 7 September 2013. 20 November 2013 . IGN. Team Xbox - Xbox Console First Generation. 14 December 2005. 15 October 2013 . Nation, Halo. Halo Wikia - Halo: Combat Evolved. 27 November 2007. 15 October 2013 . Perry, Douglass C. IGN - Xbox 360 Launch Lineup. 10 August 2005. 15 October 2013 . Qualls, Eric. About - Xbox 360 Specifications. n.d. 15 October 2013 . Williams, Andrew. Trusted Reviews - Xbox One vs. Xbox 360. 15 November 2013. 20 November 2013 .
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