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Most people think that nothing bad will happen to them (e.g. robbery, kidnapping, theft, rape, domestic violence and so on), but the truth is that no one is protected. It is widely known how powerful the personal experience can be regarding the recognition of risk and the eagerness to take to take precautions. Even when people fail to take precautions, this also can be attributed to experience, which means it needs an examination.
Now you are going to take a look at the preventive behaviours of victimized and not victimized groups. It is obvious that in many cases the lack of protective measurements contributed somewhat to victimization. If you make a comparison between the two groups, you can see that at the time of the crime burglary victims had fewer household security measurements than not victimized. (Weinstein, 1989) As you can see there is no guarantee when or who is going to be victimized. Many will think that burglary victims’ experience does not deserve to be examined, but they are wrong. The main reason is that households are something sacred, where a family stores its memories, documents and everything else that no one different from family member deserves to see. This mean that these victims do not deserve invaded homes.
Although there are people, who understand that victims are not mentally ill, some of the services do not. You should examine fully people’s experience during the crime and provide them help, because some victims avoid mental help mostly because they do not want to experience the same thing all over again. You must show understanding to them. On the other hand you have the group of mentally ill people. You should be even more careful with them, because of their state of mental health. The bad thi...

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...r the police get their details. What is more these days Victim Support is plotting ways to encourage more victims to contact them and the main group of them are those, who are vulnerable and repetitive. (Maguire, Morgan and Reiner, 2012)
This essay covered a few different points of view regarding victim’s experience during a crime and in nutshell you all can agree that is better to fully examine it. This is the best way to lend a helping hand to another human being. Everyone deserves a good life and no one should be left behind and neglected just because they have experienced something different from the normal way of life. The other thing that this essay is trying to point to the victims is that there is no need of shame no matter what you have been through. In this way you can protect other people from harm and it will be easier to get your life back in track.
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