Vanish: The Story Of Malaysian Airlines Plane MH370)

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Vanish. It means to disappear suddenly and completely. When a magician performs his ultimatum trick and disappears from the stage people are engulfed in awe and disbelief. Many people don’t know what to think. How did he do that? Where did he go? Will we see him again? For all these questions people search for answers. They want to figure out how the magician performed his astounding trick. When news first hit the fan about the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370 everyone was asking the same questions. Where could a plane go? How did a commercial plane just disappear? Will we see it again? It has been well over a month since the disappearance of the plane and there still are no answers as to what happened. Was the plane hijacked by terrorists? Was it engulfed by an electrical fire? I want to understand why it is so hard locate a missing airliner because in the shroud of mystery surrounding the planes disappearance there are 239 grieving families, waiting to know what happened to their loved ones.
The story of Malaysia Airlines started in the golden age of commercial air travel. On April 2nd 1947, MAL took to the skies with its first commercial flight as the national airline (Our Story). With the formation of Malaysia in 1963, the airline changed its name to Malaysian Airlines Limited and on October 1st 1972 the company was officially branded Malaysian Airlines.
Who were the pilots of MH370 and what were their backgrounds? The pilot of MH370 was Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah. Captain Shah joined Malaysian Airlines in 1981 and has over 18,000 hours logged of flight time (BBC News). "A very nice guy, passionate about aviation, and among the community of pilots, one of the most respected," a colleague reported to the New York Times ...

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...ames West). Which is why the repeated searches by a robotic submarine have failed to find the source of the pings. As the search for the surface debris winds down, the impenetrable mystery of this flight grows even bigger.
Now we know the story of MH370. A loaded 777 traveling to Beijing International. A hot night. A calm flight. Not even an hour in the plane goes dark. The transponder and secondary radar tracking are off. Two days later we have confirmed military reports from the Malaysian Air Force that an unknown plane was being tracked across the Malay Peninsula into the Strait of Malacca (Michael Martinez). This means that the plane made a sharp left turn. Why? Captain Shah was an experienced pilot with well over 18,000 hours of flight time (BBC News). Every captain is drilled to know of all the airports that they will be passing over in case of an emergency.
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