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What is the value of education? Honestly you can never put a real price on education. Education is something that is needed to survive in today’s world. Education is something that is more than just what the books show us. In my classroom we will not be looking at dates, names, or Jeopardy facts, but we will be looking at the human experience. Students will be exploring their identity and the world they live in now. That is the importance of the social sciences. They help us see where the world is now and why. We often fear the social sciences because of dates and facts, but we forget their importance. They are set out to teach us who we are and how we will become. In order for this to be successful we need to come together as a class, and strive for success. If I am to be successful as a teacher I need to have an arsenal of tools to help me. If I ignore these tools I will be doomed to fail my students. In order to do this I need to take on many ideas that have been gifted to me as a teacher and those tools are the caring professional, learning for understanding, and look at various communities for learning. …show more content…

I need to look at my student through a “Blind veil of Ignorance” as said by John Rawls. What I mean by that is not ignoring the student, but I need to see them through their eyes as well as mine. I need to overcome my own thoughts and biasness to see their views. What I may see as mundane or simple could be the task of a lifetime for that student. I need to be ready to adjust by learning who my students are. I need also live in the mind set embracing the golden rule and that is respect. By doing this I can learn who they are and help adapt my classroom to help them succeed. This philosophy will be the foundation of my classroom. I will learn who my students are based on them, not stereotypes or

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