Use of TV by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X During the Civil Rights Movement

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There were many different aspects of factors that helped Black people gain Civil Rights. Television was one of these factors but also it was down to other types of technology to help black people get their views across to people. Two of these people are Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, these men are known as two of the most devoted and influential people in black history. The blacks of America craved basic civil rights, as they couldn't have any view for themselves without it. The civil rights movement started in the end of the 1950s and various protests broke the pattern of racially segregated public facilities in the South and achieved the most important breakthrough in equal-rights legislation for blacks in America. Civil rights are freedoms and rights guaranteed to a member of a community, state, or nation. Freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, and of fair and equal treatment is the basic civil rights. Black protestors like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King made many important speeches on TV that would have helped the nationwide campaign for civil rights. By putting their speeches on TV they are broadcasting their view on how blacks are being treated to a wider audience. Martin Luther King believed that the whites and Blacks should be able to live with each other in the same company comfortably and without any stereotypical views hindering people's lives. He felt that blacks had waited 'more than three hundred and forty years for our constitutional and God-given rights'. Martin Luther King protested peacefully for the rights he felt like blacks deserved. He believed that if he organised non-violent protests th... ... middle of paper ... ...istory as they were able to achieve something without using and type of violence. Striking and boycotting spread rapidly to other communities. During the period from 1955 to 1960, some progress was made toward integrating schools and other public facilities in the upper South and the Border States. In conclusion I believe that television media was an important aspect of Black people achieving Civil Rights but it couldn't have been achieved without everything else I have explained. Without people such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and the American Presidents television wouldn't have been used to aid Black people in gaining civil rights. These people used the media to its best advantage as it showed peoples protests and emotive speeches, which gave them the rights they had fought for as well as deserved for so long.
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