Analysis Of Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Since the dawn of time, there has always existed the concept of good vs evil. Normally, this concept is used to explain two forces battling against each other in order to influence people’s actions. However, these concepts also exist on a realistic level; although the realistic form is based on race rather than morals. Like a recessive gene, black people were suppressed by the dominant gene, white people, in the 1950’s. With the white race oppressing the black race being a colossal dilemma, few people chose to solve it. Among them were Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. While King wanted to solve the problem with peace, Malcolm knew the only way to solve the dispute was fighting back. Malcolm X was born in 1925 in Omaha Nebraska, and was one…show more content…
The concept Malcolm thought of was if there was a society of apples, and a part of the society happened to be rotten, the best course of action was to separate that group from the bunch. This concept was, what he believed, required in order to obtain equality. For while the black apples were the healthy ones, the white ones were rotten. With this idea in mind, Malcolm said, “Will these awakened black masses demand integration into the white society that enslaved them?” (DR), and when he said it; he displayed two key factors. First, the black masses have awoken, meaning they were sound asleep to the lullaby of the thought of integration and how amazing it would be; and now they’ve awaken to see that separation was better choice for them to obtain equality. Second, he showed actions of the “white society” they reside in. He accomplished this by asking if they wanted to live free where they people who enslaved them live, and if they would shake hands with the people who locked up their hands. To further illustrate the point, he asked “Will the exploited and oppressed black masses seek integration with their white exploiters and white oppressors?” (DR). This was a rhetorical question of course, and like a nail, he used it to continually hammers the point into the minds of the people, that they cannot integrate with those who have oppressed them. To…show more content…
The idea of loving the person who stood for eradicating the entire African race and to make sure he was always at the bottom was, to Malcolm, comparable to doing nothing. What could love do that self-defense couldn’t? Nothing! The mere concept that love was greater than self-defense was absurd. Because it was incredibility absurd Malcolm continually denounced the idea. He accomplished this by suggesting that “I don 't think that we should run around trying to love somebody who doesn 't love us.” () Along with this statement came two important factors. The First infatuation doesn’t help knock down the wall which blocks the laws from justice in America, it only made it extremely harder to knock it down because it gave people the option to cop-out. Second, the idea of Martin Luther King was closer to foolishness and insanity, than actually substance to help the injustice. When Martin said to overcome the injustice with love and peace, it crept under Malcolm’s skin and continually bothered him, in which he thought, “’Well, let 's overcome them with our capacity to love." What kind of phrase is that?” () Malcolm figured that loving the enemy rather than fighting against the enemy was ridiculous. Not only did Malcolm hate the idea, he felt that when others followed
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