The Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. And Rosa Parks

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I chose to right about The Civil Rights Movemoent in the United States and about two important figures who contributed in this movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. I chose this topic because of the importance of the equality in the human societies which has to be the foundation stone of every civilized society.

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a social movement demanding rights for African American people which they hadn't the same rights that the white people have. The movement is dated between 1954 to 1968. The main goal of the movement was to end the racial segregation and discrimination against African American and to legalize thier rights in a federal constitutional act to prevent any future oppression against them. The hotspot of this movement was in the southern states of the United States such as: Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

The main character of the movement is that it was completely nonviolent, which makes it one of the greatest world movements that struggled for the rights peacefully. Those …show more content…

who was born in 1929 in The State of Georgia. He was born to a religious African American family. His father Martin Luther King Sr. was a baptist pastor and his mother Alberta Williams worked in a baptist church also. He grew up in Atlanta and completed his studies until he got his Ph.D. degree in Christian theology from Boston University in 1955.
One of the most important protests that King attended was "March on Washington" which was in 1963. In this protest he gave his most important speech ever: "I have a dream". This speech was a symbol in his life. It encouraged more American people to join this movement for the sake of an equal system that include every race in the American society. King was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 as the youngest laureate of this prize until then. He was assassinated in 1968 in Tennessee by James Earl

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