Use of Force Policy

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Purpose: This policy was created to educate police officers on the use and restrictions of force when placed in difficult situations. This policy will also explain how to distinguish lethal from non lethal tactics and weaponry. We want for them to exercise good judgment and caution when apprehending suspects; not only for their own safety, but the safety of others.

Section I: Definition of Lethal/Non Lethal Force

1). Lethal Force is when a police officer kills or causes seriously bodily harm to someone by some action on his or her part. Examples are below as followed:

a). Shooting someone

b). Knocking someone down

c) Beating them to death

d) Restriction of air flow during detaining the suspect.

2). Non lethal force is when a police officer has to use mace, stun gun, baton, or his own body to stop and/or arrest. This course of action could have hurt a suspect, but did not cause serious injury or death.

a). However, if the deaths were caused entirely from the stun guns, tasers and it was a common occurrence, than it should be considered lethal. If it is an anomaly, it was not a common occurrence. The police need some tools to help take down or control suspect who are fighting them. Anytime the police officer physically assault another person, there is a strong possibility that death can occur.

Section II: Parameters Explained when using Deadly/Non-Deadly Force

In the line of duty, police officers are often called upon to use some type of force when trying to keep the public safe. However there are restrictions when applying force.

1). There are rules concerning both lethal and non-lethal force. According to the Moral Penal Code, there are restrictions on police officers regarding lethal force.

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