Unthinkable Chapter 1 Summary

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Summary B chapter one in Unthinkable gets in detail about what happen the day of the accident, and why and how it happens. Scott was working for a lawn mowing company with a group of friends for the summer when a reckless driver made a mistake on the road causes the 18 wheeler scoot was on to lose balance. Scott was on the back of the pick up truck at the time the incident took place. Scott flew over board do to the hit and his right leg unfortunately got stuck in the trailer dragged him 324 feet on the road. He was in critical condition so the doctor gave his parents a chance to pick the leg get cut off or it does not. The parents pick to cut of the right leg. In chapter …show more content…

He would get a lot of infections but the thing that was making doctors curious is why the medicine was not working. Scott told the doctor he was using steroids so they found the leading cause of his problems. The most of chapter three was flash backs and old memories about his family and the things he did as a youngster. Threw out chapter 4 the chapter talks about his life in college. He is now a college student at Valdosta university. He has problems and a lot struggles academically . He was also part of a fraternity at Valdosta university. Scott talks about his life as at college mostly he was known for being outrageous and careless or reckless. Scott struggled with a lot of emotional problems as well as spiritual problems. He later on goes to a bible study with one of his friends named Steve who at first he did not want to go to the bible study at first. Steve questions his Christianity to the point where he gets offended so he starts to question his Christianity and he begins to get into his spiritual side. Chapter 5 and 6 is when things start to take a dramatic change from who he was at first. He finally gets in touch with his spiritual side.

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