A Comparison Of The Novels Of The Great Gatsby And Judy Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald also known under his writer’s name, F. Scott Fitzgerald, is revered as a famous American novelist for his writing masterpieces in the 1920’s and 1930’s. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about his extravagant lifestyle in America that his wife, Zelda, their friends, and him lived during that era. In fact, a lot of his novels and essays were based off of real-life situations with exaggerated plots and twists. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels were the readers looking glass into his tragic life that resulted in sad endings in his books, and ultimately his own life. F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in a nice neighborhood, but growing up he wasn’t privileged. He was raised in the upper-crest Summit Ave. neighborhood…show more content…
She was wild, known around the college campuses, highly desired, and wasn’t willing to settle. When Fitzgerald proposed to Zelda, she declined until he was financially stable to maintain her lifestyle. Zelda personifies the love interests of F. Scott Fitzgerald novels, as Daisy, The Great Gatsby, and Judy Jones, Winter Dreams. All three women were beautiful, unattainable, and desired by many. They all cared more about their potential husband’s bank account, more than actually being in love with them. They all married for money to maintain the extravagant lifestyle they were brought up living. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy has remained faithful to Tom although he constantly cheats on her. In Winter Dreams, Judy Jones married a suitor for his money as well, and her beauty faded.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda had only one child, a daughter named Scottie in 1921. Not much is known about Scottie and her relationship with her parents, besides that she traveled with them frequently. This is similar to Daisy’s emotional distance with her daughter. In The Great Gatsby Daisy talks about her experience after giving birth to her
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Scott Fitzgerald chose to maintain a lifestyle that he could not sustain and constantly put him in debt. Instead of finding true love through richer or poorer, he chose to love a woman who only married him because his first novel was successful. Fitzgerald died at 44 years old and alone. Jay Gatsby as died young and alone while still loving a woman who didn’t love him. Dexter Green was the only smart one out of the 3 men who gave up loving the woman of his dreams. After joining the military, he came back to see Judy’s beauty faded, and she was married to a man with money. Dexter cried when he finally understood that he had to also cast aside "the country of illusion, of youth, of the richness of life" (Fitzgerald, 1922) that used to inspire him so
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