Challenges In The Running Dream By Wendelin Van Draanen

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Throughout life people encounter a numerous amount of obstacles, some of these obstacles can be tougher than others. These obstacles don’t define who you are, how the situation is handled does. In the book The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen, Jessica encounters a tremendous obstacle that life could throw at her. Jessica has had to learn to adjust her life from the way that she used to live. Her life is changing and she has to decide if this accident defines who she is going to be while being surrounded by the love and comfort of her family. Throughout Jessica’s journey of losing her leg, she acquires an enormous level of support and comfort from her family while she is finding her way. Losing a leg is something that nobody ever wants to happen, but Jessica doesn’t get this choice. Along the way of the process …show more content…

Depression affects teens everywhere; some teens are upset about home life, school life, or just personal issues in general. Jessica states, “Running aired out my soul. It made me feel alive. And now? I’m stuck in this bed, knowing I’ll never run again” (Van Draanen 6). Jessica is one of the most determined athletes on her track team, the one thing she wants to do most in the world is run, and she can’t do it anymore because of her leg. Jessica says, “So I am getting used to it, and I am gaining confidence but I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever race again. It almost doesn’t matter, though. I can run” (Van Draanen 279). The author makes the reader aware that Jessica is depressed, but eventually she becomes the happy girl who can run again. The author wants people to know that sometimes life can be bitter and leave people feeling upset, but everything will get better it just takes time. I know that depression is a very serious issue to deal with, and I think time really does fix all

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  • Analyzes how jessica encounters a tremendous obstacle in the running dream by wendelin van draanen. she has to adjust her life from the way that she used to live.
  • Analyzes jessica's journey of losing her leg, and how her family gives her support and support.
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