Ulysses Grant Argumentative Essay

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Ulysses Grant fought in many bloody historic battles but could not stand the sight of blood. Ulysses Grant was the 18th president of the United States and he made our country a strong powerful nation. He was a commanding general and he led the Union army to victory in the American civil war. He helped revolutionize America and gain rights for blacks by helping to create the 15th amendment. Our country thought that he really helped end all the inequality in our country and make a stronger nation. Ulysses Grant helped the passage of the 15th amendment which led to African American voting rights, everyone being more equal, slaves gathering and electing leaders to represent them, and African American freedom. Ulysses Grant helped African Americans …show more content…

The south started to allow blacks to be elected into government and allow them to elect their own leaders. According to the video “The Failure of Reconstruction”, the southern states started to elect blacks for governor and many other positions in the government and gave blacks more freedom (Failure of Reconstruction). Now the blacks could become governors and that opened the door for their opinion and their choices on their representatives in the office. Blacks should deserve the right to be elected and have a say in decisions for their country. According to the article “Equality in African American Politics”, “In African-American politics blacks should be entitled to certain opportunities such as representation in Congress or access to employment as a group rather than as individuals.” In other words blacks should be treated exactly like whites and now they have been given the right to be represented in the government office. The South started to give more rights to blacks and more freedom. According to the video “The Failure of Reconstruction”, the struggle between North and South shifted from the battlefield to the political ground. As a result the South started to change their government and give the rights blacks deserve to be represented and accounted for in political government. The blacks had a choice on who would represent them and a lot more freedom than they originally

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