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Accounting for U.S. Military in the U.S. Census A Review of the Literature The United States has been taking census of all its citizens ever since the passing of the Census Act in 1790. The U.S. government is aware of how daunting this task can be. One of the more challenging aspects of the U.S. census is accounting for all of the U.S. military that are stationed around the world and in the U.S. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 1,431,000 service members currently serving on active duty. According to a study published by The Department of Defense, as of 2012, 52.6 percent of the military were married. One of the major challenges of including military, is the census of all military personnel stationed…show more content…
The challenge of enumerating military personnel, as we have seen did not arise until July of 1989. That was when the U.S. decided to include the military in the census. Methodology One of the major issues in performing the necessary research is ensuring that you do not repeat the same mistakes previously made. One of the methods I will use is the simple random sampling. The reason I would choose this method of sampling is because of the following, One of the best things about simple random sampling is the ease of assembling the sample. It is also considered as a fair way of selecting a sample from a given population since every member is given equal opportunities of being selected. ( There are other methods that can and should be considered. One method to consider, would be going through Defense and Accounting Service (D.F.A.S.).
You can go in the system and see each service member, and you can see how many dependents they are claiming as well what state they claim. You can also go the unit’s administration or as the military calls it, S-1. They have all the pertinent data the Census Bureau would need. However, great care would have to be taken so that no privacy laws would be
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