Types of Relationships in Friel´s Dancing at Lughnasa

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The play “Dancing at Lughnasa” written by Brain Friel is full of different types of relationships which I will explore in my essay. The typical and traditional example of relationships between women and man in this play is portrayed through Chris and Gerry. The dynamics of their relationship infrequently changes with time. Although they are bound together by their son Michael, they don’t live together and aren’t married. Gerry visits are irregular and unexpected; usually whenever he takes it into his head. Nobody can predict when he’ll arrive again “We probably won’t see Mr. Evans for another year – until the humour suddenly takes him again.” His behavior, his irresponsible and unserious attitude towards her shows the lack of desire in earnest relationship. “… two dozen times I couldn’t get away. Something turned up and I couldn’t get away.” Along the time Chris realizes that he cannot change himself, he will walk out and break her heart again “You wouldn’t intend to but that’s what would happen because that’s your nature and you can’t help yourself.” Their relationships are fated to failure. Therefore when Gerry purposes to Chris during his another visit, she refuses to him. She understands that his words are vain and worthless but she still experiences feelings to him, which prevent her from breakdown of their relationship. “Oh, yes you have a handsome father, you are lucky boy and I am a very, very lucky woman.” The cycle of hopes and disappointments of development of their relationships repeats until Gerry dies in England at his home with his loving wife and children’s. For Chris the existence of his family has been forever left uncertain and her unrequited love to Gerry was never been answered. The parental relationshi... ... middle of paper ... ... serious and controlled herself, music allows her forget about her principles and join to her sisters while they are dancing. “a pattern of action that is out of character and at the same time ominous of some deep and true emotion” Her relationship with it private and unique, as only music can make her different from her usual appearance. In Chris and Gerry’s relationships music smoothes and assists them to interact with each other, by bringing them together. “They are such a beautiful couple. Her whole face alters when she’s happy, doesn’t it.” Music replaces the language and helps them to express their feelings. For Jack music is associated with his memories about Africa and their pagan rituals and ceremonies. The music is integral part of their culture and religion, as the most of their interactions and relationships occurs accompanied by music or dance.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the relationship between chris and gerry in brain friel's "dancing at lughnasa".
  • Analyzes how the cycle of hopes and disappointments of development of their relationships repeats until gerry dies in england at his home with his loving wife and children's.
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