Twisted Root Burger Mission Statement

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The Twisted Root Burger Co. began as a dream of two men. Jason and Quincy. These two men through hard work and determination fulfilled their vision of creating a restaurant that consistently delivers a quality burger with exceptional service and atmosphere. They have watched their vision grow from their flagship that took shape in late 2005 located in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum in Dallas, Tx. Following the success of the location which included being featured on the FOOD CHANNEL, they have gone on to open a total of 17 locations to date. The desire to expand and share their vision has remained strong and is one of the reasons why these two men are always happy to take on investors and utilize franchise rights to help grow their brand. …show more content…

is first and foremost a restaurant that specializes in burgers, both traditional and non-traditional. The restaurant industry in general is a highly competitive environment in which success usually depends on how a business can differentiate and capitalize on that differentiation. The Twisted Root Burger Co. has such a differentiation and considering the demographics of the proposed area for the business, it is expected to catch on rather quickly. Venison, elk, lamb, ostrich, kangaroo, emu, boar, and alligator in the form of a burger patty would be a very welcomed change to the fast food industry in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and a wonderful option to have for the community in general that we are looking to locate ourselves within. This selection alone is enough to differentiate us from the competition. Our businesses atmosphere and theme along with the various other menu items will also be quite appealing as a way to separate ourselves from any would be …show more content…

We have mentioned a few already such as population growth rate, age distribution, and attitude towards imported products. As a whole, the country spent an average of about 42 million towards the food industry. This shows that there is plenty of money spent in the food industry considering that the average income of the country is about 167 million, almost 1/3 of the gross income is spent towards food. To go along with food expenditure the disposable income of the country is near 140 million. The average spent per meal in an up class restaurant in Vietnam is between 15-30 dollars USD, this is around where our product would be priced. The biggest factor would be the average amount of money available per social class, the higher the class the more disposable income for food and leisure. Even though as we mentioned that poverty has dropped dramatically and is now below 3% this does not necessary correlate to exposable income for food. The youth of Vietnam come into play here as they are very open to change and competition in economic terms. The planned opening of the business in the southern region of Vietnam is also a boon in the sense that the southern half of Vietnam has been pro-western since the Vietnam conflict. With the youth of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City being under a higher influence

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