Treaty Of Versailles Case Study

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A.Plan of Investigation This study will seek to answer the question “How did the Treaty of Versailles during WW1 contribute to further conflict in the middle east?” I chose this topic because since my dad is in the air force he deals with the Middle East on multiple occasions. I thought it would be interesting to study this to see what could have been the cause of the crisis we see today. We could learn ways to handle the Middle East better by basing plans off what we know from WW1. In order to answer this question I have used the following methods of researching in peace settlement books and novels that talk specifically about the treaty of Versailles effect during WW1. I also did some research on some online articles. In order to study this topic I used the following sources; A Piece to End All Piece written by David Fromkin, and Kingmakers, The invention of the Modern Middle East written by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac. B. Summary of Evidence The treaty of Versailles was singed on June 28, 1919 . The main terms of this treaty were, Germany had to accept the Blame for starting the war, Germany had to pay £6,600 million for the damage done during the war called reparations, Germany was forbidden to have submarines or an air force, her navy could only have six battle ships and an Army of just 100,000 men, and Germany was not allowed to place any troops in the Rhineland . Britain and France acquired Germany’s colonies. The conflicts in the Middle East started around the year 1914, the same year as World War 1 . World War 1 was always referred too as "the war to end all wars." The Treaty of Versailles decreased all power in the Middle East because the defeat of the Central Powers including Turkey which w... ... middle of paper ... ... do not have much control over themselves anymore. The property loss and the displacement of their people was such a significant number that the mixing of people, and lack of populations created conflicts between the Middle Eastern countries . Tribes that were made in these territories started to fight over power and ruling of the land, and other conflicts arose from those. Such conflicts are still seen today relating to ideas like these. When the Treaty of Versailles was made, its points were not directed for the Middle East, but were for Germany . The idea that it would have such an effect on the Middle East, and would cause such conflict was not foreseen since it is considered to be such a small and a non-powerful area. But nevertheless, the Treaty of Versailles has played a large impact in the conflicts of the Middle East after World war One.

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