Treating Concurrent Disorders

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Mental health is being aware, accepting yourself, and striking a balance in all aspects of your life like social, spiritual, physical, economical, and mental (Association, 2001). Mental health can be described as our positive interactions with the context and events in our life, and having the ability to cope with life’s stressors. Mental health problems can begin at anytime during your life (CAMH, 2010). In fact anything can make it difficult for an individual’s ability to interact effectively, and may lead into a mental health problem (Association, 2001). People with a psychosis have difficulty dealing with day to day. Living in poverty or an abusive environment places serious strain on an individual’s mental health (Association, 2001). There is thought to be three causes to mental illness (Association, 2001). The first is genetic and some researchers suggest the mental illness is inherited (Association, 2001). Psychological is the second and this is when the individual expresses low self esteem which can lead to depression. The third is socio-cultural, or stressor of life. This is when the family structure or ways of communication could induce abnormal behaviour (Association, 2001). Concurrent Disorders describe a condition in which a person has both a mental illness and a substance abuse problem (Network, 2008; Association C. M.). Concurrent Disorders are often referred as duel diagnosis, duel disorders, and co-occurring (CAMH, 2010). The title is used widely, and it involves many different combinations (Association C. M.) However, there is no simple cause of concurrent disorders, as each person is different (CAMH, 2010). People choose to self medicate as a way to feel better, causing them to become dependent on the sub... ... middle of paper ... ...ddiction.htm Association, C. M. (n.d.). Canadian Mental Healt Association, Ontario. Retrieved from Concurrent Disorders: CAMH. (2010, October 21). Center for Addiction and Mental Health- Information About Concurrent Disorders. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Canada, H. (2009, December 16). Best Practices- Concurrent Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. Retrieved from Intergrated Treatment: David Capuzzi, M. D. (2008). Foundations of Addictions Counseling. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. Network, C. W. (2008, May). About Concurrent Disorders. Retrieved from Central West Concurrent Disorders Network: hppt:// Wikipedia. (2011, January 15). Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from Detoxification:

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