Transformational Leadership Cognitive Trust And Collective Efficacy

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This article examines the relationship between transformational leadership, cognitive trust, and collective efficacy, in addition to the impact of these variables has on team performance. With the increasing competition in every market, organizations are using teams as the key feature of sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations continue to highlight how forming teams are crucial to their success and that team performance impacts their bottom-line. While team performance is critical to organizational success, the team leader is the dominant one to ascertain the group’s performance. Meaning, leaders must possess the required leadership styles and techniques to discern how to build great teams. One of the most popular theories of leadership…show more content…
According to the article, team performance refers to the degree in which teams meet the determined goal. Although leadership theorists have their own unique way of explaining team performance in a transformational leadership process, they each concluded that cognitive trust is an important variable that builds high team performance. “Under transformational leadership, team’s cognitive trust and collective efficacy may evolve during the team development and serve as process variables that explain the distal team performance” (Chou, Lin, Chang & Chuang, 2013, p.2). Cognitive trust is the personal beliefs concerning reliability and dependability whereas collective efficacy is the group’s shared beliefs of their conjoint capabilities. Members of a team that does not build cognitive trust will not effectively perform the given task. Also, studies show that individuals holding strong collective efficacy are likely to achieve objectives. Given the results of the previous studies, hypothesis one (1) assumes that a team’s collective efficacy positively impacts team…show more content…
It is my belief that transformational leadership improves organizational effectiveness, and, therefore, should be used in every organization. As my goal is to move up the management chart, I trust this theory and concept will enable me to be a more effective leader. The transformational leadership style is one of the widely used approaches today. Organizations believe that transformational leaders influence performance. In order for me to influence my follower’s to increase team performance, I must build that trust. Meaning, I must become that effective transformational leader in which my followers have trust in me. These learnings will be applied in my workplace. After the readings, I now understand how crucial trust is in transformational leadership. In the workplace, my focus will be on building cognitive trust among team members so that they will put more efforts into performing the given task. Having trust in the team leader and trust amongst team members has a positive effect on team performance. If I want the vision to be fulfilled, it’s imperative that I encourage my employees to work together. As the article mentions, trust is an important factor that mediates the effect of the transformational leadership on group outcomes. Applying the learnings of this article will enhance my leadership skills as well as improving organizational
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