Transcending to a Higher Place: Spirituality

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The word “spiritual” is universal and is known in many different contexts. The word “spiritual” began around the year 1300. It originated from Medieval Latin ecclesiastical use of the Latin “spiritualis” meaning “of or pertaining to breath, breathing, wind, or air, pertaining to the spirit. (Harper, Online Etymology, 2014.) Merriam-Webster defines the literal meaning of the word as “of or relating to religion or religious beliefs.” Though these origins speak to the traditional religious definition of “spiritual,” nontraditional religions, philosophy, meditation, and even atheism all make use of the word.

Though it may seem to some people that the word “religion” and “spiritual” are at odds, many find their spirituality in religion. When the religion is found, a person strives to do better and to be a better person. The person strives to please his or her almighty, and even though he or she still have some problems along the way, he or she continues with the help of his or her faith in his or her religion. Often those who are involved in a religion lead more happy and productive lives. There is more social contact and, more likely than not, more support. The mental activity that comes with optimism and volunteering learned coping strategies that enhance one’s ability to deal with stress, and psychological factors such as “reason for being” lead to a happier life. It may also be that religious people engage in behaviors related to good health, such as less substance abuse. All religions have some form of contact with their spiritual creator. Mostly the common theme is prayer. Though different religions have different ways of doing this, it is a way for the person to keep in touch with his or her God. This is one...

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...ers of life are what make it so unique for each person. In this way, one could say that this is a part of one’s spirituality and one’s ongoing search for the meaning in life.

In conclusion, It is only natural that a human being questions where he or she belongs, and why he or she is here. Being spiritual brings one closer to that answer. When becoming spiritual a peace of mind is gained, and a sense of belonging. There are many different ways of being spiritual and they all allow one to handle burdens with a sense of comfort. So no matter what life throws at someone the faith that is chosen will help one make it through., whether that faith is traditional, nontraditional, philosophical, meditative, or essentially, only a personal experience.

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