Carl Rogers Self Theory of Personality Development

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The purpose of this assignment is to give us an opportunity to apply the theories that we learnt during the class and imply the learnt personalities onto a “real personality.” Reaching to our consensus, we had chosen Tyra Banks, a television personality, producer, author, actress and former model. She is a living and non-fictional individual, and throughout the assignment, we will use her as an example to elaborate our idea of personality that correlated to her personality and real life events.


Tyra Lynne Banks was born in Inglewood, California on December 4, 1973. She is the daughter of Caroline London, a NASA photographer and Donald Banks, a computer consultant. She has an older brother, Devin Banks, who is five years older than her.

In 1979, when she was 6-years-old, her parents divorced. Both of the children are staying with the mother after the divorced, eventually years later, both of her parents have started their new relationship and remarried.

Banks confesses that she was somewhat of a "mean girl" in middle school. "I was popular, gossipy," she once recalled, adding, "And if I didn't want one of the other girls to be in the clique anymore, for whatever tiny little reason, I voted her out."

However, when Banks attended Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, she found herself totally being isolated. Her sudden growth spurt left her tall and looked clumsy, her classmates even gave her a nickname such as “Giraffe” and “Light bulb Head” which is considered cruel to her. Instead of giving up, Banks says that the teasing and abuse taught her the importance of kindness.

By 1989, at the age of 17, Banks had outgrown her awkward phase and begun to resemble the tall, curvy, caramel-skinned and green-e...

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