Tourist Motivation In Tourism

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The notion of motivation plays an instrumental role in decision making as well as desiring satisfaction from consumer perspective. The tourism industry is highly dynamic and influenced by varying forces based on the behaviours of the consumer as well as the aspect of motivation. The concept of tourism typology contributes to a large part in comprehending the aspect of tourist needs as well as motivation. From this perspective, avenues towards satisfying and motivating tourism from around the globe can be developed. Notably, the development of tourism industry in based on the two fundamental concepts, the consumer behaviour and the typology of the tourists. Considering Krippendorf’s (1989), argument on the notion of tourist motivation from the…show more content…
Consumers in any industry contribute significantly to the development and prosperity of the industry. Therefore it is vital to establish a unified platform that connects consumer behaviour models and tourist typologies with the motivation to travel and get away from home. In this case, the paper is geared towards comprehensive analysis of tourist motivation in line with consumer behaviour models and tourist typologies based on Krippendorf’s…show more content…
According to the theory of expectancy, consumers contribute to a large part in establishing the path of the motivation based on the identified expectation. Therefore, the consumer behaviour of a tourist can be developed based on the identified expectation as well as the needs from this perspective. The needs or highlighted desires for an adventure or exploring new cultures are the basis of developing a motivational model (Holloway, 2009). The fundamental aspect towards arousing the morale of tourists involves identifying the needs and expectations. From this perspective, a definite process or avenue of satisfaction is established reflecting on the needs as well as the typology of the customers. Capacity to reflect on the needs of tourists from different part of the globe establishes an agitation to travel, get away from home or routine activities. This entails the experiences as well as the ability to offer satisfaction in relation to needs as well as
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