Totalitarianism In 1984

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In order for a government to completely control it’s people, they must have total surveillance and control of the people thoughts and actions. The ministries of Oceania in the book 1984 are put into place to control specific parts of the party member’s lives. The thought police were also created to regulate the people’s actions. Lastly, the party created events in order to direct the negative feelings of the people away from the party. The government of Oceania is Totalitarian because it controls the people’s past, present and future, every aspect of their life and the feelings of the people.
The Ministries that the party creates show their totalitarian ways because each ministry is made to regulate a different part of people's lives. For example, …show more content…

The thought police can be anyone. They simply wait for someone to act out against the party and they then report them and in a few days they are gone from any records and even the people that they knew seem to forget who they were. Even kids are recruited by the organization to spy on adults because they would never think to suspect a child of doing something so wrong and evil. If a suspected saboteur of the party is caught by the thought police then they are brought to the ministry of love where they are tortured as previously explained. This torture however will persist until the beliefs of the party are indoctrinated into the saboteur’s mind. Once they accept the ideals of Big Brother then they are killed in order to erase any existence of rebellion in the world. The party is willing to go beyond the grave in order to keep the good word of the party. Using this method the thought police are able to control the thoughts of people after death. This is a total and complete control of people’s thoughts before and after death. The Creation of Newspeak is the literal destruction of language as the Description that Winston gave read. This is shown to be the truth when Syme shares his prediction of, “ by 2050 all real knowledge of Oldspeak will have disappeared. The whole literature …show more content…

Hate week is used to give the members of the party a common enemy. Emmanuel Goldstein was created by Big Brother in order to allow the members to focus their hateful and rebellious feelings towards something that is not him and the party. This allows the party to keep the number of rebellious members low and supporters high. Since Goldstein and The Brotherhood were created by Big Brother then it still counts as him controlling the people. He is giving the party supporters a place to focus their hate to and the rebels of the party a place to put their hope and trust in that will ultimately fail and lead to their demise. It is a system that is used to sift through the people to find those who hate the party and then catch them and rid Oceania of the their rebellious beliefs. The Anti-sex league keeps the youth of the party from using sex as a way to have fun and keep it to being about reproducing. The party is able to take away the love and passion that is supposed to come with sex. The party keeps the it’s people under control by channeling their feelings into events that the party sets

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