The Dangers Of A Totalitarian Government In 1984 By George Orwell

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1984 was first published in 1949 by George Orwell, during which was a crucial time in world history leading up to the Cold War. Orwell, having lived in Spain and Russia communst run countries while growing up, wrote the political novel to warn the Western world of the dangers of a totalitarian government. Although the book can be considered a social commentary on many subjects, I chose the following three to focus on: Power, Media Manipulation and Language. In the book 1984, Orwell uses the ominous Big Brother to depict what a government with all control would feel like; giving the reader a real sense of how powerless a population would really be under an all-controlling regime. Winston, the main character in the novel, sees posters throughout London with a man gazing down underneath contains the words “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” Even though Big Brother is virtually everywhere, Winston secretly questions whether or not he actually exists. Orwell uses Big Brother to symbolize the vagueness of a totalitarian government, what it is like to leave all power in the hands of government officials, and then just simply take their word for what they say or what they do. Although the term Big Brother can in one way be considered as a reassurance of protection, the following words “big brother is watching you” also insinuates that he is an open threat. Although this story takes place after Big Brother has risen to power, Orwell does not fail to emphasize that this power was not taken; it was given, as power always will be. The only way Big Brother, or a totalitarian government can truly work, is only after we give them the power to take that kind of control. When looking back at history, we can see similar situations as with Adolf Hitler... ... middle of paper ... ...ntroduced to replace English, and is constantly being refined in order to reinforce the government’s power. In conclusion, I found 1984 fascinating and Orwell’s ideas eerily accurate as a forewarning to future generations. Even though we live in a democratic nation, there are ideas to ponder and consider in today’s world, even though 1984 was written sixty years ago. The fact that in this dystopian society no one was happy is maybe a sign that it should not be a totalitarian rule. Freedom is humanities one of humanities best traits. The language that is used makes society dumb even the people that are supposed to be smart arent because of the “newspeak”. If life was like this today there wouldn’t be any happiness in the world and we all would be sad. I am glad that Mr. Orwells prediction didn’t come true because I wouldn’t be able to live in a society like that.