Tipping the Christian Rope

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Gays and Lesbians are forever engulfed in the battle of Religion vs. our “lifestyle”. We subject ourselves to everything, including exorcisms to assist our becoming “normal again” or at least tip back into that closet. When it was my turn to come out, or should I say – be “outed”, family and some friends outright disowned me. In one hour, I went from being a God-fearing youth leader that was an example for the children I worked with, to an evil abomination before God, demonic and contagious, all because my sexuality has a clause that states, “No men allowed”. Sadly, my story is not my own, many that come out face daily judgment and condemnation by people who feel superior. To be gay and still in love with God, can be complicated (and sometimes fatal) when trying to maintain your spirituality while being judged by your sexuality, and your sexuality alone.

Recently, the question was posed on Facebook, “would you allow a gay couple to join your church?” After a lengthy discussion (which I shied away from because it seemed like a breeding ground for discord), a pastor replied, “I wouldn't let a gay couple join, but they can attend all they want. My Pastor(s) preach & teach only the word of God so membership for a gay couple is not an option. Bottom line is, one's lifestyle have to line up with the word of God. The gay lifestyles are an abomination to God. Honestly, if a church does accept a gay couple to join, my advice is to stay away from that church because they are compromising the word of God. Judging is not the case, but holding one accountable for their acting’s are. I am a Pastor! In addition, I would not allow a couple with a gay lifestyle to join my church and if my Pastor did allow someone of that lifestyle to join I...

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... Christianity. I believe, years ago, ignorance was a result of sin and knowledge and understanding came as a gift from God to move us from our ignorant beliefs. God loves and accepts many kinds of people and I believe Heaven will be a paradise filled with all types of people! Some even I may never have imagined to be there.

While there are those who use homosexuality as a free pass to promiscuity, there are those of us who have passionate relationships that are products of love and devotion rather than sex. Anything done out of love is pure because God is love, and in love, there is no sin. God invites us all to strive to know Him better, to know Him personally, and to grow as a person to help others experience His joy, not just some. God does not place limitations on His love, mercy and grace but our own prejudice does; and souls are suffering because of it.
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