Tie Dyeing: The Process Of The Process Of Tie Dyes

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Tie dyeing is the process adding color to a portion of fabric, thus creating a design pleasing to the eye. There are a few different methods one could use to complete the process, but some are more easily conducted at home. The following paragraphs will walk you through the process using squeeze bottle to deliver dye to the fabric, and how to do so creating as little mess as possible. Before beginning the process, there are a few basic pieces of knowledge to share with those who are unfamiliar with the activity. There are a wide variety of items to choose from to tie dye, some of the most common being t-shirts, pillowcases, and socks. When choosing an item, it must be made of one-hundred percent cotton, which absorbs color the best and will…show more content…
If the weather is decent, outside on the pavement or in the grass will work as well. It would also be prudent to put on older clothing, in case there is a mishap. Begin by laying out an old drop cloth, tablecloth or newspaper, this is layer one and should be a bit larger that the size of the t-shirt. Layer two will consist of overlapping rows of plastic wrap, which will help keep the dye away from layer one and the surface beneath.
Now, locate the t-shirt, a wash bucket, the soda ash and directions, plastic gloves and a water source. The soda ash will help the fabric of the t-shirt absorb the dye. Remove all tags and stickers from the t-shirt, set aside and read the directions for mixing the soda ash. Then fill the bucket with the appropriate amount a water and add the soda ash, avoiding inhalation and contact with your eyes. Mix carefully with a gloved hand and submerge the t-shirt completely; set a timer for twenty minutes and continue with
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Now lay the shirt, front facing up, out on top of the plastic wrap covering the floor/ground and layer one. Next, determine where the center of the spiral will be, most commonly they begin in the center of the t-shirt. Pinch both layers of the t-shirt where the center will be and place the fabric between the tines of the fork. Slowly and carefully begin to spin the fork as if eating spaghetti; upon reaching the edges of the t-shirt, gently guide the ends to conform with the spiral, do not remove the fork. At this point, locate four rubber bands to divide the t-shirt into eight sections, two sections for each of the four colors. Place the first and second rubber bands around the t-shirt in a perpendicular pattern; holding the center of the spiral, remove the fork and place the remaining two rubber bands to create eight approximately even sections. The shirt is now ready for the dyeing

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