how to do your laundry

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Step 1: Pre-sort all your clothes.

1. Presort all clothes by colors. (whites fron darks, colors from whites)

2. Sort all clothes by weight (jeans from cottons, knits from anything else)

3. Make sure you can wash your clothes by looking on the tags for dry cleaning or machine wash warnings.

4. Finally, before putting clothes into washer, check to mke sure nothing is inside any pockets. (For example, candy, chapstick, money, etc.)

Step 2: Selecting your Washer control buttons.

1. Estimate load size and load size knob to recommended setting.

2. Turn your water temperature knob on correct setting.
a. Whites-Hot or warm
b. Darks-Cold or warm

3. Pre-turn your cycle setting to the right setting. (Permanent press, delicates, or normal are the most common settings.)

Step 3: Start your washer

1. Now that your water is filling up in your washing machine, pour in laundry detergent, liquid or powder. (note: putting detergent into load before the water is completely filled may cause white spots or fading in your clothes)

2. Start to put in your dirty laundry around the outside of the agitator, do not cram or stuff. Also make sure you are putting it in evenly.

3. Close the lid by pulling down gently.

4. Make sure you know when your load is finished if you do not have a timer, therefore you can remove clothes immediately to prevent wrinkles or unnecessary color loss.

5. Press Start button.

Step 4: Remove clothes from the washer and put in dryer.

1. Check all clothes’ tags to make sure that it is okay to place into the dryer. Then place into dryer.

2. Open lint screen, there is one in every dryer so locate it and remove the lint intoa trash can.

3. Don’t forget to put the lint remover back into its designated spot.

4. If you have fabric softeners, which are highly recommended to remove static cling, then put it in with your load of laundry.

Step 4: Continued…

5. Make sure the time/cycle setting knob is on, so then you will hear when your clothes are done drying.

6. Turn time/cycle setting knob on appropriate setting (permanent press, delicates, cottons, etc.)

7. Turn time/cycle cycle setting knob on how long you estimate it is going to take for your laundry to fully and correctly dry.
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