Tide Loads of Hope Case Study Analysis

Tide is a brand of P&G Company. It was introduced in the 1940s and by the 1950s; Tide had become more than 30% of the laundry markets shares. It has been the #1 selling laundry detergent ever since with a reputation for superior efficiency.

Loads of Hope was introduced after Hurricane Katrina hit. Tide saw that people were in need of basic human necessities. Tide is obviously a clothing detergent company, so instead of donating food, water, and shelter, they decided to utilize their brand and give natural disaster victims something else they need, clean clothing.

Tide was looking for an audience that was aware and active. That includes people who were involved in the natural disasters by being directly affected by them or who have close ties to victims of the natural disasters. Culturally conscious publics and those who are willing to volunteer their time to help the cause were also sought out to become a part of Loads of Hope.

Tide set a goal to generate at least 100 million media impressions regarding Tide’s Loads of Hope campaign within one month of efforts. Tide wanted to make their brand of laundry detergent the primarily used laundry detergent in at least 50% of homes in America by the end of 2010. Tide wanted to generate $250,000 in relief donations through their Tide Loads of Hope website over the course of one year of efforts. They also wanted to increase traffic to the Tide Loads of Hope website by 25% within 6 months of effort.

Even the littlest things can make a big, big difference. Loads of Hope utilized a mobile Laundromat to accomplish their goal. It was a truck that had a fleet of over 32 energy-efficient washer and dryers. The machines were capable of cleaning over 300 loads of laundry a day. Clothes were...

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...d where P&G employees are located. I feel it would have been more beneficial to the brand to create a relief fund.

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