Theories On Mental Health

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851 words

There have been many theorists that have tried to give a definition to the concept of mental health. Many of these theories deal with the different aspects of individual functioning. If someone was to ask me what mental health means, I would say it deals with a person and their condition regarding their psychological and emotional well-being. When someones mental health is not well, they may have a minor condition and have some forgetfulness or they might have a serious condition to where they don't even know how to function on a daily basis. Our mental health deals with more than just our mind, it also includes our psychological, social, emotional well being. It affects our day to day lives with how we think, feel and act as we go through …show more content…

His behavior throughout the interview was calm, cooperative, warm and friendly once he got comfortable talking to me. He had some gestures of moving his fingers and fidgeting with them. When he was asked a question that he couldn't seem to answer, the movements of his fingers would increase. His speech was slow but had a normal tone of volume. He seemed happy, and would smile and told me quite a few times that he was enjoying having the interview. He enjoyed all the little activities I was asking him to do, like calculating math problems, and repeating sentences. I asked him "what would you do if you saw a fire in your room?" and his response was "I would get out as fast as I could, and I wouldn't wait on …show more content…

I asked what the date was and where he was at. He wasn't able to tell me the date or the name of the facility he was at. But he knew the day of the week and what town, county, and state he was in. He was asked to remember three words and later repeat them back to me, but wasn't able to do so. His language skills were well, he was able to name a few items for me, repeat sentences, and follow directions. His highest education level was either 5th or 6th grade, which he couldn't remember. So it seemed to me as if his skills matched up to the level of education he said he had. According to his charts, the resident's diagnosis was atrial fibrillation, chronic renal insufficiency, myocardial infarction, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and angina. I didn't see anything dealing with his mental status. He told me that the reason he was at the facility was because at home he was starting to become forgetful and didn't have anyone that could help him with his daily needs. But after talking to him, I truly seen how he would forget things so

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental health deals with a person's psychological, social, and emotional well-being. it affects our daily lives with how we think, feel and act as we go through different phases of our lives.
  • Analyzes how the resident's memory, concentration, calculation, and language skills were assessed using their mental status assessment tool paper.
  • Opines that having someone to interact with the resident more would help him live a more productive life.
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