Theories Of Behavior Therapy And Gestalt Therapy

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Theories of Counseling Group Project

Joan is experiencing emotions such as anxiety and feelings of unappreciation, which is causing her to experience conflict within her romantic relationship with her partner, Hal. Based on the insight pertaining to how Joan is feeling and handling emotions in given situations, it would be beneficial to undergo Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. CBT would increase self-awareness
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Clients are encouraged to face the facts about oneself, and learn that in order for others to accept them, they must learn to love and appreciate themselves. Gestalt therapy would help Joan realize that she needs to focus on the now and her current relationship with Hal, as her disapproving relationships in the past are not an important factor in the mending of her current relationship. Furthermore, Gestalt Therapy is a strong form of counseling in how it is personally tailored to each individual, making it applicable across cultures. However, this could cause difficulties in Joan. She seems to contribute much of her self worth as a human to the acceptance she receives from her relationships. It could be a strength, by teaching her how to become more self reliant and self accepting, but it could also be difficult to start with as she is so reliant on others opinions. It’s level of creativity can emphasize nonverbal behaviors, such as with the exaggeration exercise. By exaggerating movements or gestures, it intensifies the feelings the client associates with that gesture. Gestalt Therapy also has its limitations. It can be hard for clients that are not able to think abstractly to do some of the exercises of Gestalt. Such as empty chair or role playing. Therapists can also, if not careful, abuse their power. Some of the techniques used can be forceful and therapists that have not been…show more content…
The three most important aspects Joan would achieve through CBT is acceptance of self, acceptance from others, and life acceptance. By learning to accept herself, Joan would then begin to gain confidence and know her strengths to take within her relationship with Hal. Her relationship would benefit, as she wouldn’t feel the need to constantly seek approval from Hal, and Hal wouldn’t feel that Joan is constantly demanding things from him. In session Joan can also talk about her experiences being transgender.This discussion can help Joan understand her feelings and lead to cognitive restructuring about how she sees herself and her emotions can be validated.Therapy can be a safe place for Joan to express herself without being demoralized. Marginalized groups are often not able to talk about their feelings of isolation and disapproval from society and therapy can be that place for Joan to fully open up. Finally, Joan’s personal acceptance and acceptance from her significant other would help her work through this issues of not being socially accepted in the world, and her anxiety would lessen. Joan would benefit the most by becoming self aware of her behaviors, that way she will start to recognize the negative behaviors in order to change them. When working through her relationship issues, it would be helpful to use the role
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